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Visit SiteBikini Model Program, Bikini diet plans, healthy muscle bikini dietYou are watching her walk across the pool deck and you say to yourself: “I can’t believe she doesn’t have a cover up on!”

What does she have that separates her from all of the other girls at the pool? She’s got a Bikini Model™ Body!

You ask yourself “Could I ever have a beach body like that? How can I achieve that Bikini Model ™ look?”

My name is Jennifer Nicole Lee. My weight loss success story has been featured on Oprah Winfrey, Inside Edition, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and “E” Entertainment among many others.

I hold titles such as Ms. Bikini America and have been named the first ever Ms. Muscle and Fitness. I am a world renowned fitness expert, author and lifestyle consultant and have all the credentials to coach and train you to the cover worthy body that you deserve. I am an Ace Certified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. I am also a specialist in sports supplementation and certified through ISSA (International Sports Science Association). I am also a contributing author of too many health and exercise articles to count including online websites and magazines such as Oxygen, Fitness Rx and Bodybuilding.com. I run an International consultation firm, thus having coached thousands of women from around the world. I have hosted weekend fitness retreats drawing women from all over the country to hear me speak!

I have designed a revolutionary new fat loss and muscle building system called the “The Bikini Model Program™”. It was specifically created to help busy women LIKE YOU (students, business women, mothers and even fellow female fitness experts) to achieve that slim and fit Bikini Model™ Body.

The Bikini Model Program™ is a scientifically… Read more…

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