which backstreet boy is gay
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We are on fire we have desires but one is that way, one backstreet boy is gay. but we dont want to be mean since now hes a queen, don't ask please which backstreet boy is gay. Tell me who: Aint sayin that it's AJ, Tell me who:Aint sayin that it's Howie, Tell me who: i never wanna hear you say, which backstreet boy is gay. Now i can see him he's in women clothes, but he dont need an I.U.D yeeeeaaaaaa, he likes village people hes playin croquet, his dog a peakin meeeeeeeeeeee. he is on fire, his back perspiresssss. wont say,wont say,wont say: whoss gay. He's always sayin aint nofin but a butt ache, aint nofin but a fruit cake, i never wanna hear u say, which one of us is gay. Tell me who:aint sayin that its bryan Tell me who:aint sayin if ur kevin Tell me who:He's makin up a suffle, Which backstreet boy is gay. O.K we're alllll gay!!!!!!
Added on Apr 13, 2010 by vshare
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